This is absolutely true.  And this makes the Berbee Derby very different from other Thanksgiving Day races out there. The reality is that today, most races are run by for-profit companies for the benefit of the owner. But NOT the Berbee Derby. We focus on our community, and 100% of Berbee Derby proceeds go to an amazing organization, the Technology Education Foundation. (In case you were wondering, yes, we do love profit, but we just happen to give all ours to a very meaningful charity.)

TEF funding may very well work for this type of project, but it would be important that you include information in your proposal that explains how new projects/initiatives will be introduced that work together with the new hardware your organization/school is requesting.

NOTE: TEF does not typically encourage proposals that simply fund the replacement of hardware/software.

These are project examples for which TEF would not grant money

TEF currently funds organizations with projects that are in the Dane County and the greater Madison areas.     

Organizations are always welcome to reapply. We always want to encourage an organization to apply for TEF funding if the criteria is met.  However, for those projects that are not funded in a given year, if asked, we will provide feedback on why not funded, but we don’t do it as a matter of course. It's important to consider this feedback whenever reapplying.

Absolutely! Organizations are eligible to apply for and receive TEF grants more than once time.

TEF encourages that new applications from organizations that have received TEF funding in the past showcase accomplishments from the first project, and explain how that will be leveraged to advance additional phases of the project. 

Alternatively, entirely new applications for new projects from the same organization are also welcome.

This is just a sampling of different types of organizations that have received TEF funding:

TEF has provided over $1.6 million in technology education grants since its inception.

TEF helps people of all ages in our community engage in learning through technology. We do receive many exciting proposals from our local schools.  We also receive many proposals from community based organizations that serve the full age spectrum and provide a great deal of funding to these groups as well.

Most TEF grants fall within the $500 - $5,000 range, but there are some exceptions to this normal range.