DANEnet, working in partnership with nonprofit organizations and other groups to provide technology education, provides many valuable programs throughout the area. One such program is a TEF-funded DANEnet digital literacy class series called Everyone On Madison.

DANEnet digital literacy class in Hmong at the Bayview Community Center, as part of our TEF funded project, Everyone On Madison

A series of these classes took place in Hmong at the Bayview Community Center. The final class is especially exciting, as the topic of discussion focuses on computer ownership, and computers are distributed to class participants to take home. This is a thrill for the class attendees, although some are nervous with this new responsibility and practice setting up the computer again and again!

One of the class trainers was approached at the conclusion of the class by a participant. She spoke in Hmong with a translator at her side. Obviously incredibly appreciative, she explained that her middle school son, without a computer at home, had been walking to the public library to do his homework on a regular basis. The mother was understandably concerned – she said she was terrified – of her son having to walk in the dark.  But now, with a computer at home paired with provided low-cost internet service, she knew her son was positioned for better success at school and as a mother her own mind was put at ease.  She was so, so grateful.

“Thank you for your support of DANEnet and Everyone On Madison - it makes a great difference to this mother and to ALL the other families we have connected.”