Madison Children's Museum, Downtown Madison

Madison Children’s Museum (MCM) is a proud recipient of support from the Technology Education Foundation (TEF). The gifts from TEF help to ensure that the museum is an engaging alternative learning space for STEAM (Science & Technology, interpreted through Engineering & the Arts, all based in Mathematical elements technologies) and that all children in the Greater Madison area benefit from science education. 

TEF funding enables MCM to obtain equipment for the Museum’s STEAM summer camps. Because technology is constantly advancing, the TEF gifts enable the museum to provide the most up-to-date equipment available to the campers and visitors to the museum.

And what does the MCM summer camp look like? It is one of the most exciting summer educational (and fun!) options for kids in the community! Programming consists of: the 3D World Party Camp; Art and Science Fusion Camp; and the ever-popular Lego Lab Camp. These camps are very, very popular in the Madison area and attract kids from all over.

We’ve heard from MCM that the staff is also looking forward to other great purchases made with the TEF gift: new Google Cardboard Kits, laptops, printing pens, and monitors – these are all items that will not only support the summer camps, but they will also be used in on-going drop-in programming.

The legacy of support provided by TEF has served as the backbone to STEAM education offered at MCM. With the support from TEF, MCM is able to expand the reach of its programming, add new technologies to feature in its unique and forward-thinking curriculum, and maintain current programming with updated equipment and necessary upgrades.