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Thanksgiving donations actually going to charity?

Runs for a cause vary in amount of community support

For many families, Thanksgiving Day starts with a charity run. There are three Madison races on November 28 that all claim to benefit local charities, but how much money really gets donated?

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Bridging the Digital Divide, Wisconsin State Journal

LaShea Jackson used to be familiar with computers, but that was a decade ago, before she started working as a caretaker. Now she’s a case manager, and while she’s able to navigate her smartphone in a flash, she can’t keep up when working on a desktop. It’s slowing her down at work.

TEF Makes National List includes TEF on national technology grant list

Digital classrooms have immediate and long-lasting benefits for both students and teachers. But when school budgets are tight, buying new tablets or computers is often out of the question.

When you lack the funds to buy digital tools, should your students miss out on technology’s many benefits? We don’t think so.

With the help of these 19 organizations, foundations and grant opportunities, you can give your students the digital experiences they deserve.

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Nature Center Receives Technology Grant

Monona-based Aldo Leopold Nature Center receives 2016 Technology Edcuation Foundation grant.

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InBusiness Web Exclusive

Madison, WI – October 11, 2016

InBusiness Feature — Going the distance for technology education

It’s something most modern-day professionals have thought at one time or another — if the power goes out or the network crashes at the office, how can I get any work done? We’ve grown so accustomed to our technology — and our offices have largely eschewed paper — that we’re often lost without it.   Read full article

Press Release - October 2016

Madison, WI – October 5, 2016

The Technology Education Foundation (TEF) Announces Grant Recipients for 2016

TEF receives funding directly from proceeds of annual Berbee Derby; Registration for Thanksgiving Day Berbee Derby Now Open

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2016 Grant Recipients

In 2016, the Technology Education Foundation (TEF) awarded grants to deserving recipients throughout Southern Wisconsin. Each recipient demonstrated their ability to provide science and/or technology for the greater good of our community. Click here for the full list.