TEF Success Stories

The money for Technology Education Foundation (TEF) grants comes from the sponsors and participants in the Berbee Derby. 100% of the proceeds from the race benefit TEF Annual Grant recipients. Here are just a few of our latest success stories we wanted to share.

Simpson Street Free Press

Simpson Street Free Press (SSFP) delivers high-quality, core subject academic instruction during after-school and summer hours. Students write and read extensively. They explore across the curriculum and investigate core subject areas (history, science, the arts). Then they write and publish. SSPF's motto is "Never Turn In Your First Draft". In...Read more

One City Schools

One City Schools (OCS) is an amazing and growing charter school that welcomes children from age 2 through 1 st grade. OSC was founded by Kaleem Caire, a pioneer in youth education in the Madison Area.

The school is open year-round and largely hosts lower income children, 70% being...Read more

Horizon High School

Horizon High School is the only High School in Wisconsin for students in recovery from addiction. The environment and curriculum are structured to provide a safe and sober learning atmosphere for students in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse. The classroom setting is small, in order to maintain a staff-to-student...Read more

YWCA, Madison

TEF funding supports the YWCA, and the YWeb Career Academy (YWebCA). YWebCA targets young women and young people of color who are underrepresented in technology careers. The goal of YWebCA is to prepare students for – and increase the opportunities to obtain - family-sustaining jobs, while meeting a gap...Read more