TEF Makes National List

Planbook.com includes TEF on national technology grant list

Digital classrooms have immediate and long-lasting benefits for both students and teachers. But when school budgets are tight, buying new tablets or computers is often out of the question.

When you lack the funds to buy digital tools, should your students miss out on technology’s many benefits? We don’t think so.

With the help of these 19 organizations, foundations and grant opportunities, you can give your students the digital experiences they deserve.

Here is what they have to say about tef.


Technology Education Foundation Grants

All K–12 schools in southern Wisconsin can submit proposals to the Technology Education Foundation (TEF) grant program. The grant’s proceeds come from the Berbee Derby, an annual race in Madison. The TEF believes that “technology is a crucial asset and tool” and that every member of the community should have access to it.

Proposals must include a detailed description of the project, including which problem you’re addressing and how you’ll measure and track success.

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