2004 recipients

2004 Recipient

In 2004 the Technology Education Foundation presented its first award to the UW–Madison’s DoIT Information Technology Academy (ITA). Launched in May 2000, ITA is a unique 4-year pre-college technology access and training program for under-served minority and disadvantaged students residing in the Madison metropolitan area.

The Technology Education Foundation’s donation help support ITA’s 2004 Digital Video Camp which enabled fifteen rising 10th grade students to receive audio & video editing training and equipment during the camp.

On August 13, 2004 these students exhibited their summer technology projects at a Recognition Program on the UW campus.

These were the creative multimedia projects:

    Babygurl Rocky Layah
    Bad Car Day
    Madison Youth and What They Do
    Motivated Fun
    The Eggonian Empires – A Geraldo Story
    Pipe Dreams
    The Choice
    Talky Tina’s Demise
    Miss Teen ITA
    Rockey Productions

Berbee was at ITA’s recognition program and had the distinct honor of presenting the 10th grade students with digital audio software and digital video cameras with which they can continue their learning experience.
About ITA

To learn more about ITA and their mission, please visit them at: http://ita.wisc.edu

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