2023 Recipients


In July of 2023, the Technology Education Foundation (TEF) awarded $145,577 in grants to deserving recipients throughout Southern Wisconsin. Each recipient demonstrated their ability to provide science and/or technology for the greater good of our community. Congratulations to:

BadgerBots Robotics Corporation: $6,000 for laptops and robotics kits to support additional robotics teams for the InterCommunity Engagement program.   BadgerBots will partner with community-based organizations (i.e., Lussier Community Education Center, Door Creek Church-Door of Hope, Centro Hispano, and others) to develop and deliver STEAM educational programs and activities to a wider and more diverse audience. In 2022 the program was attended by over 600 students and 250 adult learners.

Bayview Foundation Inc: $10,000 for a Makerspace Technology Hub located in their expanded community center. This classroom will be a space where people can come together to tinker, create or invent using traditional crafts or technology. The facility will allow Bayview to build on its strong youth out-of-school programming by providing hands-on, experiential learning opportunities to encourage critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration.

Belleville School District: $4,400 towards the purchase of a SMART BoardMX086-V2 for the Math Department.  This will replace older SMART Board technology.  The SMART Board allows for increased resolution, improved software allowing access by 20 students simultaneously; improved audio and video recordings and ability for student presentations to be displayed without the use of a secondary computer.

Bridge Lakepoint Waunona (BLW) Neighborhood Center: $9,455 to purchase, tablets, laptops and desktop computers for their tutoring, art-based research projects, STEM skills and life skills programs.  BLW Neighborhood Center sits within a historically underserved area of the city.  It is surrounded by neighborhoods composed of low-income families from diverse backgrounds and provides after school programs and summer camps for elementary and middle school students as well as Los Niños Primeros, a bilingual early childhood program that prepares Spanish-speaking children ages 3-5 and their adult caregivers for success in school.

Capitol Science and Engineering Fair: $2,ooo to support travel for student winners who move on to the International Science and Engineering Fair, as well as for awards at the CSEF held in February. The Capital Science Fair is a regional high school science fair for students doing original science, technology, and math or engineering research. The goal of CSEF is to motivate students to study science, technology, engineering, and math with a goal of going into STEM related careers. Capital Science and Engineering Fair joins many other organizations that are positioning themselves to address the shortage of qualified employees to fill STEM-related job openings.

Door of Hope Ministries Inc: $6,500 to to expand their STEAM programs.  The money will be used to purchase upgrades in the hardware and software needed for their robotics programs. An Afterschool STEAM education helps bridge the ethnic and gender gaps sometimes found in math, the arts and science fields. Programs outside of school can help children to see that these are more than just a class to finish. Between 250-300 students are served through the spring/summer and fall programs.

Eagle School: $5,000 for upgrades to their computer lab.  The lab serves students K-8 grades as well as many extracurricular clubs, activities and school newspaper.  The computer class curriculum supports students in becoming proficient explorers of a computers’ capability as a tool, while developing the math, logic and problem solving skills necessary to complete challenging project in their other subject areas.

Goodman Community Center: $7,279 to support the Older Adult Technology Assistance Project. The work is aimed at helping individuals aged 60+ to learn basic computer skills, gain confidence using mobil devices, and be better able to connect with loved ones and online resources/services.  Grant funding will support ongoing efforts to educate older adults as well as allow for expansion of the program to serve more individuals simultaneously using new equipment in the Senior Lounge.

Horizon High School: $8,700 to purchase to purchase 15 laptop computers and ALEX software for their math program.  If the students successfully graduate, they are able to keep the computer. Horizon is a private non-profit high school serving students who are in recovery from addiction and substance abuse disorders.  93% qualify as low-income, and 88% have special education status requiring more individualized services. The student population ranges from 15-21 young adults. 

Lighthouse School: $5,000 for the purchase of chromebooks. Lighthouse (LCS) is one of Madison’s most diverse (90% students of color) and Madison’s most impoverished schools (100% with significant financial need). Lighthouse has been growing a grade a year and now serves 350 children through 8th grade.

Madison College Foundation: $6,000 for six scholarships to be used by students interested in pursuing a career in a STEM field.  Three scholarships will be offered in the Fall of 2023 and three in the Spring of 2024.  Madison College is committed to increase access so that no student is denied an education due to financial barriers.  Madison College maintains a proud history of providing affordable access to quality education, which fuels success of businesses, communities, and students.

Maydm: $4,000 for additional laptop computers to be used in their Video Game Development Program.  Maydm is a Madison-based non-profit focusing on connecting girls and youth of color in their pursuit of careers in STEM. Maydm’s goal is to bring all underrepresented groups into STEM careers through additional in-school or out-of-school programs and guidance.

Monroe School District: $10,000 for hardware to support the LAUNCH program.  Funds will be used to purchase hardware and software along with a MacBook.  LAUNCH is a project-based learning experience partnering students with local businesses and organizations to solve real-world programs.  In 2023-2024 school year two additional strands, Behavioral Health and Skill-building Trades will be added to the curriculum.

Neighborhood House: $7,200 in funding for the purchase of laptop computers, new and updated software licensing, and additional equipment.  The funding will provide Neighborhood House community members with more technology and access in the recently remodeled computer lab.  The lab hosts adult and youth programs as well as walk-in hours for all members of the community.  The goal is to support and empower individuals who face technology barriers in their daily lives.

Simpson Street Free Press: $10,000 for expanding STEM learning opportunities for students in Dane County. SSFP projects deliver technology training and project-based learning for local youth.  The 2023-24 plan expands proven models, promotes STEM learning, fosters literacy and inspires young readers. Writing, skill acquisition, and academic confidence are central to SSFP pedagogy.  Students write across the curriculum.  They investigate, check facts, and produce media content for multiple platforms.  They focus in on productive academic habits, clear and concise writing and math skills.

St. James School: $15,000 for new hardware and software upgrades for the schools computer lab and programs. St. James School serves a population of over 125 students, the population of students is the most economically challenged and ethnically diverse of any other school in the Madison Dioceses. SJS students created a composting program to eliminate waste from the school lunch program.  Grant funds will be used to purchase hydroponic grow kits, 3D hardware, AI and tablet technology to support a new STEAM program focusing on small-scale vertical farming. 

United Way of Dane County: $6,000 for laptops to support formerly homeless and at risk families who have entered stable, affordable housing through UWDC’s Housing First initiative.

Wisconsin Youth Company: $9,044 for the purchase of Chromebooks and bluetooth speakers for each of the 28 program sites.   Wisconsin Youth Company offers after-school and summer programs for 4K-9th grade students in Dane County and portions of Waukesha County. In 2024 they anticipate welcoming and providing safe out-of-school space and programs for over 1500 children/young adults.

YWCA Madison: $14,000 for the purchase of 20 student laptops for Cohort 19 (Fall 2023), 20 Microsoft 365 Annual licenses for student computers, a fund available for Web graduates who are engaging in case management and are continuing their technology education and/or are in need of licenses for professional apps within the Adobe Creative Cloud. YWeb Career Academy is a technology job training program which targets women and people of color who are underrepresented in technology in order to increase their opportunities in attaining family-sustaining employment.  YWeb has now graduated 17 cohorts and facilitates other unique technology employment services.

Read About Our Past applicants:

  • 2022 Recipients: Badger Robotics Corp, Bayview Foundation Inc, Belleville School District, Door of Hope Ministries Inc, Edgewood College, Horizon High School, Madison College Foundation, Madison Literacy Network, MMSD Kennedy School, Maydm, Monroe School District, Monroe Street Arts Center, Neighborhood House, One City Schools, Simpson Street Free Press, United Way of Dane County, Wisconsin Initiative for Science Literacy, Wisconsin Youth Company, YWCA Madison
  • 2021 Recipients: Aldo Leopold Nature Center, Bayview Foundation Inc, Belleville School District, Canopy Center, Door of Hope Ministries Inc, Edgewood College, Elver Park Neighborhood Center, Horizon High School, Madison College Foundation, Monroe School District, Simpson Street Free Press, St. James Catholic School, The Road Home, Westminster Presbyterian Church, YWCA Madison
  • 2020 Recipients: Aldo Leopold Nature Center, Art + Literature Lab, Bayview Foundation Inc, Door of Hope Ministries Inc, Goodman Community Center, Horizon High School, Lighthouse Christian School, Madison College Foundation, Madison Reading Project, Monroe School District, Neighborhood House, Madison, Omega School, Simpson Street Free Press, The First Tee of South Central WI, YWCA Madison
  • 2019 Recipients: Aldo Leopold Nature Center, Capital Science and Engineering Fair, Centro Hispano of Dane County, DANEnet, Friends of the Belleville Public Library, Kennedy Elementary School (MMSD), Monroe School District, One City Schools, Inc, Simpson Street Free Press, United Way of Dane County, Wisconsin Youth Company and YWCA Madison
  • 2018 Recipients: Catholic Multicultural Center, DANEnet, Door Creek Church, Edgewood College, Goodman Community Center, Monroe High School, St. James School, The First Tee, Verona Area School District, Walbridge School, Wisconsin Public Television, YWCA
  • 2017 Recipients: Shorewood Hills Elementary, School District of Monroe, Capital Science & Engineering Fair, Vera Court Neighborhood Center, DANEnet, School District of Poynette, Goodman Community Center, Boys & Girls Club, Madison Children’s Museum, Aldo Leopold Nature Center, The First Tee, YWCA, St. James Catholic School
  • 2016 Recipients: School District of Monroe, Huegel Elementary School, Chavez Elementary School, Vera Court Neighborhood Center, DANEnet, Madison Metropolitan School District, Boys & Girls Club, Maydm, Aldo Leopold Nature Center, YWCA, Wisconsin Youth Company, St. James Catholic School, Sector67
  • 2015 Recipients: Savanna Oaks Middle School, YWCA, DANEnet, School District of Poynette, Catholic Multicultural Center, Country View Elementary School, Deforest Area Public Library, Urban League of Greater Madison, Verona Area International School (VAIS), Boys & Girls Club, Information Technology Academy (ITA), Madison Children’s Museum (MCM), Capital Science & Engineering Fair (CSEF), Brooklyn Elementary School, Falk Elementary School, School District of Monroe, and The First Tee.
  • 2014 Recipients: Madison Children’s Museum, Dane Net, Wright Middle School, Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School for the 21st Century (MG21), Marshall Middle School, Aldo Leopold Nature Center, Urban League of Greater Madison, School District of Monroe, Capital Science & Engineering Fair, YWCA Madison, School District of New Glarus, Monona Grove School District, Edgewood College, Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District, and Wisconsin Youth Company.
  • 2013 Recipients: Stoner Prairie Elementary School, School District of Monroe/Monroe High School English Department, Savanna Oaks Middle School, Eagle School, Information Technology Academy (ITA), Aldo Leopold Nature Center, Madison Children’s Museum, Urban League of Greater Madison, Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School, Aldo Leopold Elementary School, Boys & Girls Club of Dane County (BGCDC), Wright Middle School, Wright Middle School, and Sun Prairie Community School.
  • 2012 Recipients: Savanna Oaks Middle School, Glenn Stephens Elementary School, Our Lady Queen of Peace School, Urban League of Greater Madison, School District of Monroe, Information Technology Academy, Elm Lawn Elementary School, Stoner Prairie Elementary School, West High School, and School District of Poynette.
  • 2011 Recipients: Capital Science and Engineering Fair, The School District of Poynette, RSVP of Dane County, The Madison Children’s Museum, Northside Elementary School, Memorial High School, and Glenn Stephens Elementary School.
  • 2010 Recipients: Capital Science and Engineering Fair, Lincoln Elementary School, RSVP of Dane County, Information Technology Academy, Abraham Lincoln Accelerated Learning Academy, Glenn Stephens Elementary School and the Fitchburg Public Library.
  • 2009 Recipients: Capital Science and Engineering Fair, Cherokee Middle School, Madison Area Technical College (MATC), The UW-DoIT Information Technology Academy (ITA), and the Orchard Ridge Elementary School.
  • 2008 Recipients: Capital Science and Engineering Fair, Cherokee Middle School, Madison Country Day School, MicroExplorers, Simpson Street Free Press, and Watertown Unified School District.
  • 2007 Recipients: Boys and Girls Club of Dane County, Capital Science and Engineering Fair, Cherokee Middle School, Dane County Parent Council, Edgewood High School, Independent Living, Schenk Elementary School, St. James School, and YMCA of Dane County.
  • 2006 Recipients: Cherokee Middle School, Diocese of Madison Catholic Multicultural Center, Simpson Street Free Press, and YMCA of Dane County.
  • 2005 Recipients: Bayview Foundation, Kennedy Heights Community Center, Lincoln Elementary School, and Simpson Street Free Press.
  • 2004 Recipient: UW-Madison’s DoIT Information Technology Academy (ITA)

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