2013 recipients

2013 Recipients

In 2013, the Technology Education Foundation (TEF) awarded grants to deserving recipients throughout Southern Wisconsin. Each recipient demonstrated their ability to provide science and/or technology education for the greater good of our community. Congratulations to:

Stoner Prairie Elementary School received a $5,000 TEF grant for classroom iPads, laptops and Chromebooks to create clusters of learning centers within each classroom. With more mobile devices, students will create videos focusing on key concepts in science, math and social studies; incorporate video and interactive resources to support specific content area learning; obtain mobile access to the internet to research and create learning resources; gain access to apps for practicing fundamental skills; and use audio and video recording to monitor literacy skills.

School District of Monroe/Monroe High School English Department received a $9,030 TEF grant for the purchase of classroom iPads and a wireless hub. The English Department will use the equipment to implement instructional strategies that will engage students and provide them with experiences that will enhance and motivate their learning. Some specific progressive instructional strategies and approaches the English Department plans to use will be voice threads; podcasts; photo story; electronic access to real-time information, textbooks, resources and eBooks, Skype, video production; virtual field trips and educational apps.

Savanna Oaks Middle School is planning a STEM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) design project for all eighth-grade students that combines their research of alternative energy sources with the creation and testing of various windmill models. With the $3,498 TEF grant students will use 3D software to draw competing fan blades, transfer those designs to a 3D printer in order to manufacture their designs, and send their blades to the next phase. In the next phase of the project, students will mount their fan blades onto a LEGO Mindstorms generator and energy kit that will test the energy production in a simulated wind tunnel.

Eagle School received $9,275 for iMac computers for an additional computer lab. Eagle School is designing a computer lab for the kindergarten-4th grade that will allow students both individual and collaborative work on computers, as well as space for hand-on exploration. Their plan is to infuse their current curriculum with additional real- world engineering tasks pulled from recent STEM curriculum models. Eagle School will create a computer lab that is similar to what takes place in their science labs every day.

Information Technology Academy (ITA) provides Native American/First Nations students with comprehensive computer training, mentoring, work experience and academic support to prepare them to be scholars, community leaders and IT professionals. The $4,000 TEF grant will support a two-week summer training Institute at the Oneida Nation partner site. ITA is launching an expansion program in the spring of 2014, called the Tribal Technology Institute (TTI). TTI’s mission is to increase the enrollment, retention, and graduation rates of Native American students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as to attract more students to the IT field.

Aldo Leopold Nature Center received a $6,000 TEF grant to fund the High-Tech Meets High-Touch: Phase II of the Immersion Theater project. The Immersion Theater is a near-360 degree wrap around high-definition theater that immerses visitors in captivating science programs. The addition of infrared cameras and gestural interactive software will allow communication between visitors and the theater environment, allowing visitors and students to interact with the media rather than passively watch and listen to content.

Madison Children’s Museum received a $2,500 TEF grant to support continuation of LEGO camps, which embrace the emerging STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) concept in curriculum development. This camp has engaged nearly 400 youths in building with LEGOs and NXT modules, teaching cutting edge technology to the next generation through a toy they all love. With TEF support, additional LEGO NXT-based Mindstorms kits will be purchased to help grow the program.

Urban League of Greater Madison received a $9,869 TEF grant to continue the IT Career Academy that offers IT training for unemployed and underemployed adults. This grant will support the Advance Employment Services, which includes technology-focused job training, placement and coaching services that would help at least 100 unemployed and underemployed adults get the skills and support they need to secure new or better jobs. TEF grant funds will enhance three key components of the Advance Employment Services: 40-hours of computer skills training; access to 56 internet-enabled computers for job search and job applications activities; an IT Career Academy that offers classroom and field experience training for IT positions.

Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School is a small project-based public charter school for the Monona Grove School District, which serves primarily at-risk youth who have not had success in a traditional school setting. The $3,100 TEF grant received this year will create an electronics and engineering makerspace which will allow students to expand their knowledge in engineering, computers, electronics and robotics and inspire them to pursue careers in engineering and technology fields.

Aldo Leopold Elementary School received a $5,000 TEF grant to infuse iPad technology into the school and curriculum. iPad technology will connect students to new and intriguing curricular extensions including digital photography, audio and video editing, web development, and community learning opportunities. Leopold staff will also be able to enhance communication and engagement with student families. By having student-led video announcements, online projects, and pictures, teachers can more easily share progress with parents, motivating students to work hard and giving them a new sense of pride.

Boys & Girls Club of Dane County (BGCDC) received a $4,914 TEF grant for Kindles for the College Club and Seven Book Summer programs. College Club is a college readiness program currently serving more than 150 disadvantaged students in grades 6-12. Seven Book Summer Camp is a reading program having students read at least seven books during the summer. With the Kindles, students will be able to read books (with audio support when needed), learn using literacy development applications, and log and track number of books read.

Wright Middle School received a $5,000 TEF grant for iPads for an intervention program that serves 85 students each year who are reading below grade level. The intervention program is designed to increase students’ decoding, comprehension, and fluency skills in reading. Students will work at three rotating stations: Computer stations, small group stations, and independent reading. The grant funds are used to supplement the current fiction and nonfiction titles with e-books on iPads, along with appropriate language arts apps.

Wright Middle School received a $1,750 TEF grant for Kindles to increase the reading proficiency levels of the eighth grade population. Reluctant readers would be enticed to read more often and for longer durations with the use of technology and the increased ability to have more choice on what texts they read.

Sun Prairie Community School received a $3,348 TEF grant to purchase computers to help expand access to technology for parents and students in the Family Resource Center at the Buena Vista Community School site. The Community School program serves a total of 488 students and their families with disproportionately low incomes, and will work toward four initial outcomes: Recruitment of at-risk and habitually truant students into programming; integrate parental and other adult involvement into community school programs through participation in adult programs and volunteering in children’s programs; increase academic performance of students; and establish and implement infrastructure of community schools.

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