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Horizon High School

Horizon High School is the only High School in Wisconsin for students in recovery from addiction. The environment and curriculum are structured to provide a safe and sober learning atmosphere for students in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse. The classroom setting is small, in order to maintain a staff-to-student ratio of five to one. The student population varies between 10-15 students. Many students come from low income households and support extends beyond education to include food security and other personal needs.

2020 was the 15th Anniversary of Horizon High School, celebrating service to over 150 young people in their struggles against alcohol and drug addiction. Sadly, the celebration didn’t happen due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Director, Traci Goll and the staff of Horizon High School moved from a face-to-face learning program which could only accommodate a maximum of 15 students, to a virtual learning program allowing them to add 5 more students. Their current enrollment is at 19.  

Through a grant from the Technology Education Foundation all students have access to Chrome books in their homes and can access the online programming. The staff, students and families are so grateful to the Technology Education Foundation for this incredible support.

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Did you know that 100% of proceeds from the Berbee Derby go to the Madison-based Technology Education Fund (TEF)? The annual Thanksgiving Day event has become a family tradition for many. Fun event for all ages and levels.

The Berbee Derby celebrated their 20 year anniversary this Thanksgiving — which was its final year of the annual event.