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One City Schools

One City Schools (OCS) is an amazing and growing charter school that welcomes children from age 2 through 1st grade. OSC was founded by Kaleem Caire, a pioneer in youth education in the Madison Area.

The school is open year-round and largely hosts lower income children, 70% being African American. The year round programming provides a continuity of learning for both students and families. Evaluation of the year-round program is being analyzed to determine if there are positive impacts on educational outcomes as these children move through grade levels.  

In 2019 One City Schools was awarded a grant for the purchase of 12 Chromebooks to enable the implementation of “Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Assessments” of students. The Chromebooks are also used for instructional purposes. MAP assessments are not typically done until the 3rd grade in the Madison Metropolitan School District, so having the ability to begin with a much younger learning group will provide valuable information and data.

One of the innovative approaches that OCS has implemented is that of Ani Play which is a method of teaching creative expression and “play sharing”. OCS is the only school in the country that has adopted Anji Play, although it is used internationally and has its roots in Anji County China.

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The Berbee Derby celebrated their 20 year anniversary this Thanksgiving — which was its final year of the annual event.