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Simpson Street Free Press

Simpson Street Free Press (SSFP) delivers high-quality, core subject academic instruction during after-school and summer hours. Students write and read extensively. They explore across the curriculum and investigate core subject areas (history, science, the arts). Then they write and publish. SSPF’s motto is “Never Turn In Your First Draft”. In 2019 SSFP received a Technology Education Foundation grant to develop and publish a new content area, “Science of Wisconsin’s Environment”. Due to the great success and interest in this area, SSFP was awarded another grant to continue this effort in 2020.

More than 250 students in grades 2-12 were enrolled in Simpson Street Free Press programs in 2019.  SSFP is based in decidedly low-income areas across Madison and Dane County. About 80% are students of color and almost 50% are ELL or DLI youth.  SSPF programs are well established in neighborhoods where access to extended-day learning opportunitie sand technology education are limited.

Simpson Street Free Press includes very specific outcomes and measurement tools in their proposed outcome plans. In almost all cases the project has exceeded expectations. They have added more students, launched the new middle school publication focused on STEM learning, and purchased needed technology for two newsroom sites. And most importantly, objective school-based tests show substantial and measurable academic progress among students enrolled in SSFP programs.

Making A Difference, Locally.

Powered by the Berbee Derby

Did you know that 100% of proceeds from the Berbee Derby go to the Madison-based Technology Education Fund (TEF)? The annual Thanksgiving Day event has become a family tradition for many. Fun event for all ages and levels.

The Berbee Derby celebrated their 20 year anniversary this Thanksgiving — which was its final year of the annual event.