TEF the Details

The financial impact of TEF is far-reaching. TEF has provided $1.6 million in technology education grants since its inception, with more than $97,000 of grants given out in 2019 alone.

The ultimate beneficiaries of TEF funds are people of all ages and all abilities. Due to TEF funding:

  • Children and teens have greater access to technology to further their education and learning.
  • Children, teens, and young adults obtain a better understanding of the career opportunities in technology and science.
  • Adults receive critical technology training, which provides much-needed skills for jobs and career advancement.
  • Community members of all ages benefit from new and upgraded technology available at community organization and center locations throughout the surrounding area.

Examples of grant recipient organizations include:

  • Educational groups (schools, school districts)
  • Community organizations
  • Community meeting places (museums, libraries)
  • Technology- and science- focused organizations
  • Religious groups

Approximately 188 organizations have benefited by receiving TEF grants since the Foundation’s inception.


Making A Difference, Locally.

Powered by the Berbee Derby

Did you know that 100% of proceeds from the Berbee Derby go to the Madison-based Technology Education Fund (TEF)? The annual Thanksgiving Day event has become a family tradition for many. Fun event for all ages and levels.

The Berbee Derby celebrated their 20 year anniversary this Thanksgiving — which was its final year of the annual event.